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Photo by WAV Team member, Ben Dewar

The WAV Team would like to thank all of the participants for helping to make this year’s festival a truly memorable one.

Please follow the link below to complete the WAV 2017 Survey, to share your stories and provide us with ideas for how we may continue to improve WAV for future festivals –>




Wild Science at Templeton Secondary

TempletownIt was a wild week for Templeton Secondary school students, as WAV’s very own, Kate Inch, taught 3 Science lessons around the school. On Tuesday, she led a class in making ionic compounds where students learned the chemical formula: baking soda + vinegar = fun. This was followed up on Thursday with an Earth Science lesson that had students digging in the school garden and green spaces to collect soil samples, which they assessed for composition differences and acidity. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty in the name of science! Today she led an assignment that had students dehydrating food and meal planning for an upcoming trip to the West Coast Trail, finishing off with an ‘Amazing Race’ style scavenger hunt. Certainly, they’ll be well prepared for their adventure. Way to go Templeton Secondary for bringing the learning outdoors this week!

~Vancouver Bike Rave~

Bike Rave2Looking for an alternative to the bar fly scene this weekend? Check out the Vancouver Bike Rave, this Saturday!  It has become one of Vancouver’s  most well-attended events in the last few years, attracting a glowing crowd of participants that are sure to lighten up your night. Come and ride around the city’s most scenic routes in the spirit of health and well-being. Did I mention there’s a dance party after? Don’t drop the the ball, DROP THE BASS!


No bike? No problem. All walks of life are welcome, see the WAV event schedule for more details.

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s Ovoidism

OvoidsOutside already? Downtown perhaps? Check out the new location of the Vancouver Art Gallery at the Larwill Park site. What may seem like an ordinary parking lot is also the current visual installation by celebrated artist, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun.

Ovoid shapes are a central design element in traditional Northwest Coast art, and are a reoccurring theme in much of Yuxweluptun’s work. Here at the site of what will be the new Gallery, he has constructed 3 large entry/ exitways out of these colorful and alluring shapes. As you move past them the ovoids seem to shift and reshape with your changing perspective- an experience that is subtly meditative as it frames the comings and goings of this otherwise vacant lot. It’s well worth a look if you’re about in downtown Vancouver this sunny afternoon.

Eating Dirt with Dr. Brett

We want to say a special thanks to Dr. Brett Finlay for meeting us atop of The Nest yesterday to lead us in some fascinating discussions about the oversanitization of Western culture, and the positive effects that microbes play in keeping us healthy. In Dr. Finlay’s book, Let Them Eat Dirt, we are challenged to deconstruct our outdated notions of “cleanliness”, with an evidence-based understanding of the relationship between our bodies and the invisible organisms with which we coexist. As if the revelations of the hour weren’t enjoyable enough, this humble batch of participants were rewarded with the warmth of the late evening sun as we chatted and soaked up the final rays of the day- the cherry on our deliciously enlightening dirt cake.


Wild About Vancouver week has begun! Park Board Commissioner Mackinnon makes it official

2017-Evert-Crowly-WAV-ProclamationManfred’s Meadow in Everett Crowley Park rests at a height above the north shore of the Fraser River that affords a panoramic view back to towards the river through some maturing trees and a vast number of more recently planted trees (including many new trees being planted as part of the  Canada 150 celebration).  On April 22, 2017 during the park’s Earth Day celebration, Wild About Vancouver week was proclaimed by Park Board Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon.  This marks the beginning of the Wild About Vancouver (WAV) outdoor education festival.  During WAV, many outdoor events and lessons are taking place throughout the GVRD to celebrate the importance of time spent outdoors.

The Everett Crowley Park Committee, Champlain Heights Community Centre, the Vancouver Park Board and various other partners created a very well attended Earth Day festival in and around Manfred’s Meadow.  There were over 20 events offered by 20 different community-based partners participating in the festival, and there were a lot of people out.

Everett Crowley Park is a great place to explore in Vancouver.  It is a park that is coming into itself (only declared a park in 1987) after a period as “Vancouver’s main landfill (the Kerr Road dump) from 1944 to 1967” (ECPS).   Based on my experience at the 2017 Earth Day Festival, it is clear that there is much community passion for Everett Crowley Park and also many opportunities to get involved in how the park develops.  As Vancouver continues to urbanize, Vancouver parks will serve 2017-Evertt-Crowley-Earth-Day-Apr-22as accessible nature places.  With Everett Crowley’s stated aim to remain a “wilderness” park, and with the number of trees being planted, it will not be too long before a mature forest lives at Everett Crowley.  Just imagine the forest bathing opportunities.

A clear and strong message from the event was around the importance of planting trees, all of us, regularly, everywhere.  For relationships between trees and humans to develop, we need to be around each other more often.  Plant a tree!

Vancouver Mayor Proclaims April 22-30 WAV Week!

City of Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson, issued a proclamation today declaring April 22-30, 2017 Wild About Vancouver Week in Vancouver.  The proclamation will be officially presented during the Everett Crowley Earth Day celebration on Earth Day -April 22, 2017 at2017-WAV-CoV-Proclamation Everett Crowley Park at around 1 PM.

Wild About Vancouver Week Proclamation:
Studies show that time spent in the outdoors has physical and psychological and educational benefits for children, including improved physical fitness and coordination, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased creativity, and  problem solving ability.

And whereas
Studies tells us that Canadian children are spending an hour or less a day outdoors.

And whereas
Vancouver is forging a path to be the “greenest city” in the world by 2020.

And whereas
Outdoor education connects children and nature, developing a sense of  understanding of environmental issues and fostering sustainability ethics and practices.

And whereas
Vancouver is a city in a unique location of natural beauty, rich with outdoor education opportunities and potential

Now, therefore

I, Gregor Robertson, Mayor the City of Vancouver, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM April 22nd to 30th, 2017, as


In the City of Vancouver.

WAV UBC Tarp Event

2017 Mystery Prize Packs for Outdoor Lesson

Hey Educators and Teachers,  For each outdoor lesson (learning experience) you enter in the 2017 WAV festival between April 22-30, 2017, you will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 3 mystery prize packs.

You can enter lessons here.  It takes only a few moments.

By sharing an outdoor learning experience with WAV, you are illustrating the diversity and volume of outdoor learning happening in the GVRD, and inspiring your colleagues to increase outdoor learning opportunities.

Find a poster and flyer here to put up around your school or place of work.

The draw will take place during the WAV volunteer appreciation event in May.  Winners shall be contacted afterwards.

Lessons shared with WAV are closed events.  This means that the public may not attend the lesson, unless invited by the lesson host. Only generally information will be provided about WAV lessons.

WAV 2017 Press Release


Outdoor Education Festival April 22 – 30, 2017

VANCOUVER, B.C. (April 1, 2017)

The third annual Wild About Vancouver (WAV- pronounced wave) Outdoor Education Festival, taking place April 22 – 30, 2017, invites children, educators, families and all Vancouverites to “Get INvolved and Get OUTside” to celebrate outdoor learning in local nature.

“The more Vancouverites appreciate the outdoors, the more the outdoors is valued and protected through its use,” says Dr. Hartley Banack, WAV Festival Chair. “Wild About Vancouver is all about creating opportunities for people of all ages to experience and learn outside, growing people’s love and appreciation for the natural world.”

Increasing outdoor activities and developing lifelong habits of physical movement reduce health consequences of sedentary lifestyles, he adds.

Last year, the second annual Wild About Vancouver Outdoor Education Festival saw 3,000 people participate in 68 events offered by 50 partner agencies, including schools, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals. Events included:

Shoreline Cleanup | Outdoor Yoga | Introduction to Permaculture Gardening & Food Forestry | Urban Beekeeping | Kits Beach Clean Up | Urban Tree Walk | Nature Tour and Immersive Meditation Workshop in Stanley Park | Urban Camping in Stanley Park | Outdoor Einsteins: Thinking Like A Scientist | Nest Box Building Workshop | Intro to Gardening for Parents and Tots | Organic Gardening Open House


Wild About Vancouver announces an open call to Vancouver organizations (including schools) and individuals who want to host an event or lesson in the 2017 festival. Events and lessons must meet four criteria: 1) be experiential. 2) be free, 3) be educational, and 4) take place outdoors. A list of past events/lessons is available here:

Submissions of events/lessons for the 2017 WAV Festival can be entered here:

Those interested in attending events will find updated information as it becomes available on the website (

“WAV is becoming an anticipated annual highlight in the Metro Vancouver calendar,” says Banack, “There are opportunities to get involved at every level, from presenter to volunteer to participant.”


For more information, or for interviews, please contact:

Dr. Hartley Banack







You Tube:






Wild About Vancouver (WAV) Outdoor Education Festival is a free public outdoor education festival offering practical ways to get children (and adults) outdoors more regularly, especially during school learning periods. WAV is free and open to the public, aiming to unite and create long-term sustainable outdoor experiential learning networks for organizations, schools, youth programs, and the broader citizenry of Vancouver. WAV is organized by a collective Steering Committee ( comprised of volunteers passionate about improving children’s lives, being outdoors, and building supportive communities. WAV is totally de-centralized, inviting everyone to get involved and join WAV. Events must be educational, experiential, outdoors, and free. Everyone is invited to submit an event/lesson into the WAV Festival.


WAV creates real changes where student, educators, and Vancouverites-at-large, of all ages, learn through outdoor experiences particularly during instructional times and at school. Increased outdoor learning results in increased overall time spent outdoors, which has been linked with alleviating various large-scale challenges confronting children and youth such as: childhood obesity, type-II diabetes, sedentary behaviour, indoor contamination, myopia, increased stress, depression, isolation, decreased resilience, unclear environmental/sustainability practices, and disconnected learning experiences.

In 2016 …

WAV event hosts grew from 38 in 2015 to 50

WAV events grew from 50 in 2015 to 68

WAV attendance grew from 1,500 in 2015 to 3,000

In 2017 …

WAV continues to grow and spread its mandate to increase time spent outdoors. WAV is targeting a festival of at least 80 events. 2017 emphases include: outdoor experiences particularly during instructional times and at school and growing involvement of new citizens and groups.

WAV invites you to get INvolved.

We are seeking community partnerships ( and financial contributions (donation receipts for tax purposes are available) (



Wild About Vancouver – General Info:

Wild About Vancouver – Submit an Event:

Wild About Vancouver – 2016 Events:

Wild About Vancouver – 2017 Events Submitted to Date:

Wild About Vancouver Steering Committee:

Wild About Vancouver – Donations:



Oct 26 WAV Steering Committee Meeting

Wild About Vancouver Steering Committee Meeting.

If you have any interest in finding out more about WAV, or how to get INvolved, please join us.

Date: Wednesday October 26, 2016

Time: 7-9PM

Location: Field House, Queen Elizabeth Park

There’s no specific address. Directions:

If you’re driving, use the Queen Elizabeth Dog Park and Pitch’n Putt parking lot which is off West 37th 100-200 block (between Mackie and Columbia).

The field house where the meeting is to be held is marked with Red X.



If you come, bring a mug for some tea!