About WAV

Wild About Vancouver (WAV) Outdoor Education Festival is a free public outdoor education festival offering practical ways to get children (and adults) outdoors more regularly.

WAV is open to the public and aims to unite and create long-term sustainable outdoor experiential learning networks for organizations, schools, youth programs, and the broader citizenry of Vancouver. WAV is organized by outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about improving the physical health, mental health, environmental knowledge, and pro-active engagement in environmental sustainability initiatives.   Events must be educational, experiential, outdoors, and free. Anyone can put an event into WAV.

The Tidal WAV is Wild About Vancouver’s annual Outdoor Education Festival. It addresses children’s increasingly limited time outdoors through outdoor experiential learning (OEL). OEL is a proven approach for opposing widespread negative impacts facing children today as a result of decreased physical engagement in the outdoor and natural world. Negative impacts include rises in childhood obesity and sedentary behaviour, reduction in creative and critical thinking and play, and increases in childhood illness, among others.

Get Involved!

WAV is grassroots and open to everyone. If you are passionate about time spent outdoors and outdoor learning, we would love to have you join WAV. Find out more about the many volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below.

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