OPEN HOUSE- Tuesday Oct 1, 2019 – 6-7:30 PM

Vancouver, BC V5V 1X6

Wild About Vancouver OPEN HOUSE

Hello from Wild About Vancouver,

At this point of the year, as always, WAV 2020 is still far out at sea... However, unlike year's past, for WAV 2020 we have a date and location for the Tidal WAV event!

Friday May 29, 2020, at Second Beach in Stanley Park, Tidal WAV will occur! It will be an all day event that will be the culmination of WAV 2020, which begins Earth Day, April 22, 2020. Mark your calendars and please spread this news.

The momentum of WAV 2020 is already strong, and WAV is reaching out to the community of outdoor enthusiasts, including: students, teachers, ECE educators, post-secondary educators, community-based organizations, elders, parents and community-at-large, to invite you to our OPEN HOUSE

Tuesday October 1, 2019

6:00-7:30 PM

David Livingstone Elementary School

315 E 23rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V 1X6

Use the entrance on the park side of the library for easy access to the library.


If you have been interested in WAV, want to learn more, come and join WAV! If you already are committed to support WAV 2020, we look forward to reconnecting! Perhaps you want to meet others involved in there are many wonderfully un-WAV-ering supporters.

Whatever your interest may be, please come and join the WAV 2020 Steering Committee.

Everyone is welcome! Get INvolved, and get OUTdoors

WAV has some great partnerships for 2020, and seeks more partnerships.

If you have questions, please email:

Please share this message with folk you think may be interested.

Thank you for your support for increased time spent outdoors.

For more information visit

Waving out for now, Your 2020 WAV Steering Committee (so far...)

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Tidal WAV

Vancouver V6A 3Z7

April 27 at Creekside: Games, Activities, Exercise, Music...and so much more! Free! Come one, come all to celebrate outdoor learning.

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Tech-Free Way of Finding the Height of a Tree!


The goal is to use a North American First Nations technique to derive the height of tall objects, such as trees. It works like this. All sides of a square are equal in length. There are 4 x 90 degree angles in a square. If we bisect a square from corner to opposite corner, we are left with a triangle with 2 x 45 degree angles and 1 x 90 degree angle.

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Sound Mapping!


An Idea by Jason Camp for Grades: Kindergarten to Grade 12 students
1. Have the students mark the middle of their paper with a stick drawing of themselves.
2. Have them mark north on their map
3. Move outside to any location and help the students get oriented with their paper in relationship to the points on a compass. It might be easier for the students to face north with their papers adjusted the
reflect that setup.
4. Make sure students are spread well away from each other.
5. For 3-5 minutes, have the students just sit quietly (no talking to each other) and listen to the world
around them. Their job is to note down either with words or quick sketches what they are sensing
with their ears - NOT their eyes.
For example, if you are near a road, you might hear the bus trolley lines, or the sound of cars
travelling over a bump in the road.
6. Bring the students back together and debrief on what they were able to sense using just their ears.

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What’s Underfoot Walk


What do you notice about the world you are walking on? What is under your feet?
Evoke Sense of Wonder: Everything, eventually, goes back to the Earth—so what really have you been walking on? The remains of ancestors? The dampness of water that was once in an ocean far away? Imagine that with each step a ghost escapes. What ghosts of flora and fauna float around you? Extension—Art activity by Adelle Caunce

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Beach Clean Up

Let’s clean up our beaches to keep eco friendly environment. Many sea creatures get injury from disposed garbage in ocean. Please help our beaches to be safe place for everyone!

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Garibaldi Mountain

Join for this beautiful hiking event at Garibaldi! You will see the emerald blue lake and thousands of amazing natures!

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