Are you considering running an event?

Here are some tips to keep your WAV event sustainable.
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Select venues that are easily accessible by bike, walking and transit[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Include community service projects[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”] Provide suggestions on how to dress for events, such as rubber boots for shoreline cleanup or sturdy shoes for a trail walk[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Ask event organizers and participants to track their sustainable choices[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Minimize impact and stay on trails in parks and other outdoor venues [/li]

These ideas and more can be found in the book Meet Better: 167 Easy Ways to Make Your Events More Environmentally and Socially Responsible

For more ideas to create an event, check out the helpful WAV Event Host Guide.

A webinar for event hosts or potential event hosts will take place in early April. If you would like to learn more about putting on a WAV event, please email Rhiannon, the WAV Project Coordinator (, to be a part of the webinar.

Submit your event here.

Get INvolved and Get OUTside to celebrate outdoor learning in local nature!


Submitted by Nick Towny, WAV Sustainability Chair

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