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Den Building

Submitted by: Hannah Hobbs Grade level: ece,elementary Core Competencies: communication,creative-thinking,critical-thinking Subject Disciplines: outdoor-education Den Building Children often have a natural instinct to build shelters, possibly offering insight into their need to feel comfort, create a safe environment and feel secure in a space. The notion of creating a den or shelter links us back to the basic …

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Lessons from Mother Earth

Submitted by: Hannah Hobbs Grade level: ece,elementary Core Competencies: communication,critical-thinking,positive-personal-and-cultural-identity,social-responsibility Subject Disciplines: outdoor-education,indigenous-education This lesson is designed to be used with the Pacific Spirit Park EcoKit, which can be reserved through the Pacific Spirit Park Society.   Suggested location: Camosun Bog, Pacific Spirit Park Approaches to Learning: Respect, Reflection, Thinking in the form of application, …

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Nature Companion: An Entry-Level Nature App for Canada’s Four Western Provinces

Submitted by: EcoFriendly Sask Grade level: elementary,middle-years,secondary Core Competencies: communication,social-responsibility Subject Disciplines: biology,earth-science-and-space-science,outdoor-education Nature Companion (https://www.naturecompanion.ca/) is a free app/website introducing many of the plants and animals found in Canada’s four western provinces. In just one app, you’ll find basic information about over 300 common plants, trees, birds, animals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. It’s available on …

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Experiential Outdoor Learning in the Schoolyard – Free Activity Guides

Submitted by: Annie Montague Grade level: elementary,middle-years Core Competencies: creative-thinking,critical-thinking Subject Disciplines: math,fine-arts,outdoor-education,physics Green Schoolyard America and our partners at the International School Grounds Alliance publish a set of free, downloadable books filled with ideas for outdoor learning, play, and health. This set of 250 hands-on activities and curriculum ideas were contributed by 188 organizations …

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Story of the inanimate

Submitted by: Marie-Ève Dupuis Grade level: elementary Core Competencies: communication,creative-thinking Subject Disciplines: english Materials: Camera, Paper and pencil Background:  Have you ever wonder what that huge tree seen in its life? Or what that rock experienced to get there? Time isn’t the same for everything/everyone. This task invites you to change your perspective and give …

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Discovering Decomposers!

Discovering Decomposers! Submitted by: Serina Bain Grade level: ECE, elementary Core Competencies: creative-thinking, critical thinking, positive-personal-and-cultural-identity Subject Disciplines: science-education,indigenous-education Location: any natural place (e.g. playground, forest, beach) Grade 1-4 could be extended to grade 7 Materials: Hard writing surface (clip board, cardboard with clip) Pencil Coloured pencils (optional, helps with drawings and observations) Magnifying glasses …

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Noticing Encounters: Revisiting Nature Art Over Time

Submitted by: Trisha Phillips Grade level: ece,elementary Core Competencies: creative-thinking,positive-personal-and-cultural-identity,critical-thinking Subject Disciplines: fine-arts,indigenous-education Location: any natural space (e.g. playground, forest, beach) with accessible, loose materials on the ground. Connections to Art Curriculum Kindergarten & Grade 1 – Big Ideas:  People connect to others and share ideas through the arts. Engagement in the arts creates opportunities for …

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Assensement Workshop

Submitted by: Chris Ladner Grade level: middle-years,secondary,post-secondary Core Competencies: critical-thinking,communication Subject Disciplines: outdoor-education,social-studies Assensement Workshop By: Chris Ladner August 12, 2020   Assensement: Assessing our environment using all our senses. Purpose 1. For students to become more aware of their environment through their senses. 2. For students to appreciate their place. Equipment required: 1. Pen …

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Journaling for Sense of Place and Wellbeing

Submitted by: Selina Miller Grade level: secondary Core Competencies: critical-thinking,positive-personal-and-cultural-identity,communication Subject Disciplines: social-studies,humanities,geography,english,outdoor-education This lesson is inspired by Traci Warkentin’s 2011 article “Cultivating Urban Naturalists.” Students will be working with a partner and returning to the same outdoor spot regularly throughout the duration of the course. Warkentin, T. (2011). Cultivating urban naturalists: Teaching experiential, place-based …

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