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WAV (Wild About Vancouver) depends fully on financial support from donors to host a vibrant TIDAL WAV Event.  

Funds are used for basic WAV needs such as honoraria for special presentations,  equipment, volunteer appreciation and office supplies.  There are two ways to make financial contribution 1.   Make a general donation.  2.  Specify where you want your funds to go.   Your contribution will be acknowledged via social media and publicly at the event.  You may also want to be included in OUR DONOR RECOGNITION PROGRAM our on our supporters page. 

The TidalWAV Outdoor Festival 2022, we require donations to cover the following items.


Squamish Acknowledgement / Opening 
Squamish History in the Park Sessions
Indigenous Closing Ceremony

PowWow Dancing/ Indigenous Teachings – Shyama Priya and Team /6 sessions

Gurpreet Pandher of the Yukon (travel, accommodation, and artist fees)



Raised stage with stairs (including delivery)

Tent to cover stage 

Outdoor projector and screen

Outdoor Sound System for speeches and music

AV Support 

Promotion (Paid advertising local newspapers…)







Volunteer Recognition – SWAG (ie. t-shirts, certificates, pens..,)



Please note that the donation is a two step process: once you submit the form below you will be prompted to connect to the Simon Fraser University Engagement and Alumni page to process the payment to our partner Institute for Environmental Learning Fund. Once on the IEL donation page, you must click on “Make my gift a Tribute” and Select “In honour of” and write “WAV” to receive a tax-receipt for the Tidal WAV 2022.  Please check the box to notify WAV of your donation so we can thank you for your gift and put your money to work.

Get Involved!

WAV is grassroots and open to everyone. If you are passionate about time spent outdoors and outdoor learning, we would love to have you join WAV. Find out more about the many volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below.

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