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WAV depends fully on community support.  There are two ways that you can donate: In-Kind or Monetary.


WAV seeks prizes for the festival for teachers and students who include events or lessons in the festival.  If you would like to contribute a prize, you can sign up here.  Donors will have their logos displayed on the donor page.  Tax-receipts are possible, please consult us (link to contact us form) if you have questions.


WAV depends on community-based financial support.  Generally WAV does not cost more than $10,000.00 per year to run.  Funds are used for basic WAV needs (equipment rentals, honoraria for special guests, t-shirts for volunteers, photocopies, posters, advertising, etc).  If you are able to support WAV, please complete the following form.

We would love to acknowledge your support by adding your logo and information on our WAV Supporters page. If you would like your contribution posted on our WAV Supporters page then please submit your information on the form below then click the “Donate to WAV” button to submit your donation!

* Please note that once you hit submit on the form below, you will be provided a link to the SFU Institute for Environmental Learning Fund website (which WAV is a part of) to process your donation. 

** It is important to note that you must click on “Make my gift a Tribute” and Select “In honour of” and write “WAV”.  You can also decide if you wish to receive a tax-receipt.


Get Involved!

WAV is grassroots and open to everyone. If you are passionate about time spent outdoors and outdoor learning, we would love to have you join WAV. Find out more about the many volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below.

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