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Acting Passover Outdoors

April 12 8:00 am


Passover story carry wisdom and traditions beyond religion. Therefore, in my program called, Let’s Play Hebrew, I took my students outside of the building, and we walked to the creek near by. With me being the story teller, the students were encouraged to find themselves a role within the storyline of Passover story.

Roles such as:
-Pharaoh’s daughter
-slaves’ manager
-story teller

We used only what we found outdoor for our props. The slaves built pyramids from sticks, the audience added questions, and we acted out all the story with the students’ inputs.

In the end, we walked back to the building and I mentioned that now we walk in the desert for 40 years so it changed our way back as well.

The outdoors invites an unstructured learning, where each student can find their voice, place, role, location, movement in it.

Ideas for a follow up conversation:
-what does it mean to be a slave?
– in what ways we are slaves, if we are, in our lives?
-what does it mean to be privileged?
-what responsibility do we have if we are privileged?

And many more….

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Date and time

April 12 8:00 am




Who Can Submit an Event/Lesson?
Vancouver community-based organizations that offer outdoor education experiences are invited to “showcase” what they are currently doing by contributing an event to the festival. Potential hosts may be, but not limited to, non-profits, for-profits, and in/formal educational organizations (including those who may not see themselves as being just outdoor-based). Teachers are also invited to submit a lesson to WAV, showcasing the teacher they are doing outdoors.

Who Will Attend the event/lesson?
The weekday events will focus on schools, teachers, community-based organizations, and students, while the weekend events will be directed towards families and community-members at large. Most school lessons are closed events, and not open to the general public. Events may be open or have a registration. Check each event/lesson for details.

Looking for Event/Lesson Ideas?
Take a look at the great events our 2015 Event Hosts and 2016 Events Hosts offered.

Event/Lesson Role
Event hosts will determine the “event” they wish to contribute to the festival (stand-up paddle boarding, gardening, cycling, art, music, etc). All aspects of the event are organized by each event host including: the date and time of the event, equipment, safety, supervision, insurance, and registration of participants. In addition:

The event will be located in Vancouver
There will be no fee for participants
There will be an educational component that invites participants to take something away that they can enact elsewhere (school, home, community-centre, etc.) and share their experience with others
Lessons will be offered by teachers/educators. They will be closed events that only the teacher and students participate in. Different classes many join up for a lesson, or even different schools and grade levels may collaborate for an outdoor lesson. Outdoor lessons are a chance to share what you are currently doing outdoors with other teachers/educators.

Our Part
Wild About Vancouver will offer advertising and promotion of your event in addition to an event schedule and map of the festival to assist participants in choosing events to attend. WAV will also hold a preparation workshop for event providers in the weeks leading up to the festival. After the event, WAV will help collect data from the event so we can all learn from the experience.
For lessons, WAV will share your outdoor teaching with other teachers/educators to help inspire them to take their teaching outdoors and offer some ideas about the range of learning that can happen outdoors.

I Need Help Planning My Event/Lesson
Check out this helpful Wild About Vancouver Event Host Guide.

I Need Funding for My Event/Lesson
Groups and/or individuals wishing to offer an event in the WAV Festival may apply for funding to help with costs associated with their event. There is no guarantee that WAV will be able to find a sponsor, but we will try!

Looking for funding for your event? Check out Go Grants or the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants.