get involved with wav

Get INvolved:   WAV is grassroots and open to everyone.

WAV invites you to get INvolved too!  We need help with the following: Hosting Events, Media and Promotions, Photographers, Bloggers, Donations, and other areas.

If you are passionate about time spent outdoors doing physical activity, participating in mindfulness experiences, outdoor learning, and environmental work, we would love to have you join WAV.  You can find out more and sign up below!

Please click here to contact us with questions and offers of in kind donations.

Do you want to support WAV with a monetary donation?

Would you like to help share your knowledge by contributing a blog post?

Would you like to add a lesson to support other educators teaching lessons outdoors?

Would you like to add an event to host during the Tidal WAV 2022 on June 3?

Would you like to volunteer with WAV at The Tidal WAV Event on June 3, 2022?

Do you want to join the WAV Steering Committee?

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