Wild About Vancouver Steering Committee Holds First Meeting!

On the wet fall evening of Tuesday September 23, 2014, a group met at the Robert Lee YMCA in downtown Vancouver to launch the Wild About Vancouver festival with will run from April 16 through April 22 (Earth Day), 2015 throughout the City of Vancouver.

Currently, the steering committee is made up of the following individuals:

    • Committee Chair- Hart Banack
    • Treasurer- Jessie Corey
    • Secretary- Laura Taves
    • Website and Graphics Chair- Marian Lane
    • Social Media and Publicity Chair- Laura Taves and Johnson Wong
    • Event Coordinator Jessie Corey
    • Sponsorship Chair- Fay Bigloo
    • Sustainability Chair- Krystil Koethler
    • Education Chair- Jeanne Kentel
    • Volunteer Coordinator- Kate MacMillan
    • Member-At-Large- Tom Bristow

Action Items between now and our next meeting on November 6, 2014 include:

  • Solidify the Wild About Vancouver image (including logo) and the website/social networking outlets;
  • Assess current and potential event sponsors (including media sponsors);
  • Establish a protocol for community groups to submit an event to participate;
  • Outreach to a broader, more diverse group of potential steering committee members (including members-at-large

If you wish to join the Wild About Vancouver steering committee, or just come to a meeting, please contact hart banack- hart DOT banack AT gmail DOT com

Thanks to the amazing energy!  Excited about our launch!

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