Rachel Rose

WAV Artist 2015 – Rachel Rose, Vancouver Poet Laureate

Acclaimed writer Rachel Rose is the winner of numerous awards for her poetry, fiction and non-fiction, including a 2014 Pushcart Prize. She has published poems, short stories and essays in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and Japan. Her most recent collection, Song and Spectacle, won the 2013 Audre Lorde Poetry Prize in the U.S. and […]

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WAV Artist 2016 – Marcus Wild

In 2016, Wild About Vancouver appointed  Marcus Wild as the WAV 2016 Artist in residence. Marcus follows the 2015 appointment of Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, whose poem “Song Dogs,” was read by the poet, at the inaugural TidalWAV event and awarded to key donors and volunteers. The work that WAV is so passionately involved in struck a chord […]

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WAV Artist 2017 – Sarah Clement

In 2017, Sarah Clement joined WAV as the Artist in residence. Sarah brought her talent as a nature influenced artist to develop a beautiful image capturing her interpretation of outdoor connections.

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