Marcus Wild

Role: Collaborator

In 2016, Wild About Vancouver appointed  Marcus Wild as the WAV 2016 Artist in residence.

Marcus follows the 2015 appointment of Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, whose poem “Song Dogs,” was read by the poet, at the inaugural TidalWAV event and awarded to key donors and volunteers.

The work that WAV is so passionately involved in struck a chord with Marcus because it reminds him of his youth. “Going outside to play every day was wonderful. Nature itself was my XBox 360, and friends, the supporting cast in a 24 hours a day film, that evolved along the blurred line between reality and imagination. As darkness fell my ears would tingle as if I knew what was coming and then it would happen, mum would call my name from the back door and it was time to drop the chosen game for that day, a ball, bike or even just a stick! Time to press pause, go back inside and recharge the batteries ready for the outdoor fun to resume the next day.”

Marcus is a passionate artist who will think nothing of going above and beyond to make sure the project he is working on is done to the very highest degree of professionalism and expertise that his talents will allow! WAV is very excited to have him involved in the 2016 Wild About Vancouver Education Festival!