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Do you want to get your school involved with outdoor learning projects? 

Back in 2015 after the WAV festival, seven Vancouver elementary schools were invited to create unique outdoor learning programs for their school in collaboration with students studying Outdoor Environmental Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education, UBC. More than 75 students worked together developing the outdoor learning projects from July to October 2015. In November 2015, the outdoor learning projects were returned to the schools, who implemented them for thier students. Each school then contributed an event to WAV festival 2016 and invited another school that was not doing too much outdoor learning, to attend the event.

A huge thanks to all of the teachers, schools, and UBC students for their exceptional efforts!  There is a strong sentiment that outdoor learning is very important learning, and requires particular attention and commitment towards implementation.  Participants in this project have unequivocally and repeatedly shared stories of how essential outdoor experiences, including learning experiences, have been and are in their lives.  They also collectively and consensually agreed that outdoor learning is required responsibility (as an inalienable right) for children and youth in their learning and play.

Below you will find links to the school projects. These are available for you to download and use towards developing your own outdoor learning project.


Carnarvon Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

Collingwood Neighbourhood Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

LivingstonElementary School, Vancouver School Board

Lord Kitchener Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

Lord Selkirk Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

Nightingale Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

Norma Rose Point Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

Quilchena Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

Tecumseh Elementary School, Vancouver School Board

University Hill Elementary School, Vancouver School Board


Get Involved!

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