WAV Supporters

WAV is a volunteer-run, decentralized, free festival that highlights and celebrates outdoor learning and time spent outdoors towards health and wellness, pro-environmental actions, and experiences that stick with us!

WAV is not an expensive project.  Our in-kind support far exceeds our dollar support.  Since its inception in 2015, WAV has annually reduced financial cost while continuing to improve WAV aims.  In 2018, the WAV festival ran for less than $500.00 and had around 3000 participate.

This page exists to give A BIG thanks to  WAV Supporters- Thank you!

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While WAV continues to organically grow and spread through the GVRD and across BC and into outdoor networks across Canada and beyond, we at WAV recognize how becoming INvolved in WAV as a supporter or partner brings benefits to all involved.


  • Get OUTdoors: get people outdoors more often for health/wellbeing, pro-environmental behaviours and experiences that stick
  • Local Network: meet others interested in outdoor learning and time spent outdoor who live and work near you
  • Community Engagement: Share your message with those in the WAV community and beyond via WAV social network contracts.  Come volunteer with WAV, taking photos, blogging, supporting events and lessons, etc., Active increased awareness and participation in outdoor learning and time spent outdoors in your communities.

Some 2019 WAV specific support needs…

  • volunteer photographers
  • volunteer bloggers
  • steering committee members
  • website expertise
  • event/festival promotion
  • promotional costs
  • prizes for event/lesson hosts
  • bursary funds to help support schools in low income areas access outdoor experiences (i.e. bus costs)
  • core costs for WAV administration
  • budget oversight support
  • secretary for steering committee

WAV loves community and individual support, of all shapes and sizes.  If you wish to get involved in WAV, in a way that “makes sense” to you, please get in touch.

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